Some of the projects we have worked on

Nebret Property Management - Brand Logo

As part of a new web application development and brand creation, we took up the task of developing the initial brand logo of the multi-deciplinary property management firm, Nebret Property Management. We had a number of detailed analysis on what the Client wanted, what the future of the firm is imagined to look like and the most rooted use cases the brand appears and the logo follows. Based on that we developed a type-heavy logo with a few nicks to showcae the firm's market positions and visions.

Nebret Property Management - Commercial Web Application

Along with the logo design, we were tasked to design and develop an easy-to-use website application that delivers on three basic requirements:

  • Present the firm's listings clearly, that outstands the views and property's features.
  • Create an interactive system that clearly serves the needs of different user types.
  • Develop a system optimized to suite current communication standards of Ethiopia and still suffices for the World.

The application is developed using Laravel framework and Bootstrap scafolding.

Checkout the website here ...

Nebret Property Management - IMS

currently in development

An information management system to control and maintain properties under their management. The system is designed for office use only using the Laravel framwork for PHP and Tailwind CSS framework for the front-end development.

Checkout the website here ...

Nebret Property Management - Real Estate Videography and Photography

Keeping continuous developing communications with our Clients is our value, and as such we have taken the task of producing and managing the media placement of real estate videos for properties under the Client's hands.

Checkout Some of Our Works here ...

ABH Marketing Consultancy - Hello Yet Branding

For an annual Job Fair event held in Addis Ababa University, we prepared and pushed branding materials for a call center and digital rescue aid service, Hello Yet. Specifically for the purpose of the event, we designed and prepared different banners, t-shirts, business cards and flyers and other printable assets.

ABH Marketing Consultancy - Hello Yet Afalagi Show

Along with the ABH team, we have taken up the production of the upcoming YouTube show that is focused on bringing lost relatives and raising awareness on the delocalizing situations and mitigation techniques. We are currently in the compilation stages of production, and we are solely responsible to stage, shoot, edit and produce a high-quality show.

ABH Marketing Consultancy - 24 - YouTube Documentary Series

Partnering with ABH Marketing Consultancy, we are currently preparing a YouTube show called 24. Aiming to showcase and celebrate the untamed, assymetric cultures of Ethiopia, it brings to screens the daily lifestyle, arts and crafts, techniques and artisinal cultures residing under the community, but never been given a spot for exposure, starting from the capital city Addis Ababa.

Vital Heart Ethiopia - Website Redesign

The Client was requesting to have a new updated look to the current stature of the Company and the time. So we started the redesign process from the logo and theme color. The Client was keen on to subtle colors and narrative symbolic representations to be seen on the logo. From there we moved onto reworking the UI layout, look and feel, content placement and composition. The development was one using

Checkout the look here ...

Vital Heart Tour and Travel - Portfolio Website

We were contracted to design a website that showcases basic services provided by the newly formed company, and design it in a colorful manner that would highlight the traditions and landmarks of Addis Ababa city.

Vital Heart Ethiopia - Kasma Coffee Complete Branding

This is a newly founded coffee roasting and exporting company, and the Client need a full brand identity creation. So we took responsibility to develop the brand starting from its name, logo, theme color; the brand essentials, all the printable assets associated to different use cases, all the way to its digital presence. We worked closely with the Client to create a fitting brand that goes right to the Client's vision and the companies values and services.

Vital Heart Ethiopia - Kasma Coffee Commerical Website

Along with the branding process of the company, a commercial website that presents the company was in need and we were tasked to deliver. We designed the website following he brand guidelines set previously, and hence we chose a palette of earth tone and composed the content to keep focus on the defining attributes of the company and specifically selected partners displayed there.

Est Infinity - Lesso Ethiopia - 2021 Event Photography

We held to capture the time and place memories for the 2021 annual event held for employees by Lesso Ethiopia. Organised to appreciate its staff and partners, and with that put its prints on the Green Legacy campaign, Est Infinity Marketing organized an event for Lesso Ethiopia.

Bamacon Engineering - ERP

currently in development

An enterprise resource management system to control and maintain their real estate developments and sales. The system is designed for office use only using the Laravel framwork for PHP and Tailwind CSS for the front-end development.